• Natural conception

    Natural conception

    Natural conception is the process by which a pregnancy occurs without the assistance of medical interventions or fertility treatments. It typically involves the following key stages: 1. Menstrual Cycle: Women of reproductive age experience monthly menstrual…

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  • Age and Fertility

    Age and Fertility

    Age plays a significant role in female fertility. Here are key aspects to consider: ¬†Ovulatory Changes: As women age, there is a natural decline in the number and quality of eggs. Ovulatory function may become irregular, leading to challenges in conception. Decline…

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  • Causes of female infertility

    Causes of female infertility

    Female infertility can result from various factors that affect the reproductive system. Here are some common causes: Ovulatory Disorders: Conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or irregular ovulation can lead to difficulties in releasing eggs, affecting…

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  • Causes of Male Infertility

    Causes of Male Infertility

    Male infertility can be attributed to various factors that affect sperm production, function, or delivery. Understanding the causes of male infertility is crucial for diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Here are some common causes. Sperm Disorders; Low Sperm…

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