A child after Sterilization

The world came to an end for Sarah on the fateful day when she lost her four children to an electric wire that fell on the house and killed her children one by one as they came to rescue each other. She was left with nothing in the world apart from her husband. All this happened after they had agreed with her husband to undergo sterilization so that they cold be able to cater for the four children and look after them well. She lost hope in life and was living like a useless person without any aim in life.

Her husband after some time sought consolation with another woman who could give him other children. Sarah was left to suffer alone, “I could not stand staying in the house alone after my husband left because I was not used to staying alone. I felt I had no purpose in life”

“I tried some doctors who told me it was not possible to have children again, that it was not possible to revive my Fallopian tubes”. During this time, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and He took control of my life which gave me a lot of peace despite what was going on in my life”. One day I decided to call one of my Doctor friends and I asked him whether it was possible to revive my Fallopian tubes. He immediately told me that it was not possible. After like an hour, this doctor friend of mine called me and told me that there was a Doctor in Bukoto called Tamale – Ssali who could help me and it will be possible for me to have children, but the treatment was very expensive though I could try. Because of the faith I had in Jesus, I knew that with God all things were possible. I traveled to Kampala, traced the hospital and found it; knowing very well that financially we could not even raise 500,000/= I didn’t see Dr. Tamale – Ssali immediately. I talked to a male doctor who told me that it was possible to have children after sterilization and he explained to me the whole procedure and the amount of money required. It was so expensive for me!!! I could not even afford 1 million.

I cried in his office knowing that it was possible but I could not afford it. When I told my husband about this possibility he didn’t even wait to hear more. For him, it was not about the money, it was simply impossible. So, I gave up as any human being would. After a few weeks at about 7.30 am, I received a call from

Doctor Tamale – Ssali, he wanted to see me. I didn’t believe what I was hearing but I got into a taxi and came to the hospital. He told me that he had gone through my file and considering my situation; he was going to help me have children again because it was possible with God. He told me he was going to offer me treatment and help me have a child. My husband still could not believe it.

To him it was far from being true. I went through the treatment with other ladies, I came back after two weeks for a pregnancy test and I had positive results; I had conceived!!!! Some of

the ladies had conceived twins, others triplets. I had conceived one. It was such a miracle. By this time, I had surrendered my life to God and I believed that it was possible and I believed that God knows us and hears our cries and answers us. At the hospital I was treated with such warmness. I met

one of the staff called Julie who encouraged me so much and gave me a lot of hope. She gave me her testimony that touched my life and helped me come out of stress which made my treatment easier

because stress could have affected conception. I thank God for that lady and I will never forget her words. God bless her. My husband did not believe until I was 3 months pregnant! Now I have a three-year baby girl; Mary Angel.

I named her Mary and Mrs Kate Ssali named her Angel because she is a miracle in my life and my husband’s. She looks exactly like her father and she has brought so much joy to our family and revived our marriage.

We are very grateful to Doctor Tamale – Ssali and Women’s Hospital. We are poor people and have nothing to offer in return other than our daily prayers that God blesses him abundantly and always.

We encourage more couples that have tried for so many years to come to the hospital and they will not be disappointed. I still pray and believe that I will have many more children with God’s help.

Sarah has a conviction that Baby Mary Angel is going to be a professor..