Laparoscopic ovarian cystectomyMinimally invasive treatment for persistent benign ovarian cysts
Endometrial ablation Minimally invasive treatment for heavy periods
laparoscopic treatment of ectopic pregnancyMinimally invasive treatment for tubal (ectopic) pregnancy
Marsupialization of Bartholin Abscess/CystSurgery to treat and prevent recurrence of vaginal abscess or cyst
hysteroscopyMinimally invasive surgery to diagnose and treat problems inside the uterus
LaparoscopyMinimally invasive surgery to diagnose and treat a variety of reproductive problems
Evacuation and removal of retained products of conception (ERPC)Surgery to clean the uterus after a miscarriage
Cervical CerclageSurgery to place a stitch in the cervix during pregnancy
Cervical cancer screening
Family planning
Specialist consultationon a range of non-fertility related gynecological concerns such as heavy periods, hormonal imbalance, pelvic pain, recurring vaginal infections, fibroids, ovarian cysts
MyomectomyRemoval of large fibroids without removing the uterus