About us

We are privileged to house one of the largest groups of dedicated specialists in the fields of gynecology, fertility and maternity in East and Central Africa. Our team consists of experienced medical doctors, scientists, nurses and counselors

WHI was officially opened In September 2005 by His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni after becoming the first Hospital in East and Central Africa to register the first IVF (Test Tube) baby in 2004. In addition to fertility treatment, we are the first hospital in Uganda to have carried out Laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.

By the end of 2017, we had registered  over 30,000 babies born by artificial reproductive technologies

Our Mission

We are committed to providing meticulous individualized and compassionate reproductive healthcare to all our patient We do this with utmost professionalism and passion in a safe and supportive environment , with state of the art technology guided by the highest ethical standard

Our Values

Our lifestyle is Integrity A mandate to speedy action A commitment to teamwork A standard of excellence A culture of service and innovation A language of faith in Jesus Christ An attitude of gratitude and love

Our Work Ethic

Our experts strictly maintain the patients’ privacy, dignity and individual requirements in our comfortable rooms, including VIP treatment for patients that prefer it. The WHI&FC develops and implements the latest treatment for women related health ailments using traditional and holistic methods. The WHI&FC has a very high level of infection control in strict adherence to the World Health Organisation guidelines.

Our Achievements

We are on record for producing the first IVF baby in East & Central Africa. We have also delivered over 400 babies both natural delivery and caesarean section in our ultra modern, state of the art delivery room and theatre. We recently delivered triplets and a healthy baby for a 58-year-old lady. One of the oldest women to have successfully given birth through our IVF clinic was 65 at the time.

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