Success Stories

Daily Monitor: A beacon of hope for infertile couples.
Excerpt: You might have to watch your lifestyle habits if you wish to keep your fertility levels high and stand a favourable chance of having a baby. Leading scientists warn that there is a growing number of Ugandan men and women who risk infertility due to poor lifestyles, writes Edgar R. Batte:- These worrying trends mean that Uganda’s fertility rates which currently stand at 6.77, the third highest in the world next to Mali at 7.29 and Niger at 7.75, could fall in the near future. Read More
Daily Monitor: The Test Tube Baby Doctor.
Excerpt: My mother was a traditional midwife and I saw her treat infertility with traditional medicine. She also delivered people's babies. When I was at the university, I decided to specialise in what my mother did but in a hygienic environment. Photographs of smiling babies adorn the walls of the waiting area in Doctor Edward Tamale Ssali's gynaecology and maternity clinic in Bukoto. On one side of the wall are hearty words of appreciation from the parents of three babies - a set of twins and a girl who had prior to fertility treatment been unable to have children. Read More
The New Vision: Pioneering Test Tube Babies.
Excerpt:Dr. Tamale Sali is the director of the International Women’s Hospital in Bukoto near Kampala. Susan Muyiyi talked to the brains behind the first test tube baby in East and Central Africa Read More
The New Vision: Woman Gives Birth at 54-Years-Old.
Excerpt: A Ugandan woman has given birth at the age of 54, ten years after reaching menopause. The woman, a university lecturer, delivered a baby boy at the Women’s Hospital International and Fertility Centre in Kampala on Thursday last week. The baby boy, fondly known as Baby Precious, follows a 15-year-old girl. He weighed 3.1kg at birth which doctors said was a normal weight. He has been breastfeeding. Read More


A Child After Sterilization
Excerpt: The world came to an end for Sarah on the fateful day when she lost her four children to an electric wire that fell on the house and killed her children one by one as they came to rescue each other. She was left with nothing in the world apart from her husband. All this happened after they had agreed with her husband to undergo sterilization so that they cold be able to cater for the four children and look after them well. Read More
Triplets After 2 Ectopic Pregnancies that left her with no Fallopian Tubes.
Excerpt: Dillia hails from Kasese, she’s married and a nurse by profession. Dillia’s story begins when after 3 years of marriage she conceived and unfortunately the foetus went it the right fallopian tube which is known as an Ectopic Pregnancy. Read More